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The aim of this event is to situate questions around temporality at the forefront of the research agenda on urban change. The making of urban space is in many ways a materialisation of the passing of time. On the other hand, those using the city create and inhabit a diversity of temporalities. Focusing on two cities that are exemplar for their urban regeneration, London and Barcelona, this event will bring together urban professionals and academics to discuss and reflect from a long term perspective on the regeneration of these respective cities. In order to develop and debate the role of temporality in redevelopment, the invited speakers will each have 10 minutes to focus on these cases, discuss and debate the following questions: How do temporal considerations (investment cycles, deadlines, changing global and local politics) affect the planning and construction of buildings and cities? What kinds of times are fostered or eliminated in the landscape of urban regeneration projects? How do different temporal narratives, practices and ideologies converge or conflict to produce a particular sense of place? What is the relationship between neoliberal time and urban planning? Which lessons can be learned from the regeneration processes in both cities?


18.30: Introduction by Monica Degen (Sociology, Brunel University): Timescapes of Urban Change

18.40: Simone Abram (Anthropology, Durham University): “Anticipation and Apprehension: temporal agency in urban change”

18.50: Mari Paz Balibrea (Cultures and Languages, Birkbeck): “Militant time, leisure time, working time: Reflections on life in the creative city”

19.00: Carme Gual Via (Foment Ciutat, Barcelona City Council): “As time goes by…or how cities reinvent the wheel every term of office”

19.10: Euan Mills (Future Cities Catapult): “How should temporal considerations affect the design of the built environment?”

19.20: Bob Allies (Allies and Morrison Architects): “The urban masterplan: a process not a product”

19.30: Mike Raco (The Bartlett School of Planning, UCL): “Living in democratic times: Reflections on the transformation of London’s built environment”

19.40 – 20.15: Questions and discussion led by Clare Melhuish & Monica Degen

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