London event videos

Focusing on two cities that are exemplar for their urban regeneration, London and Barcelona, this event brought together urban professionals and academics to discuss and reflect from a long term perspective on the regeneration of these respective cities.


Monica Degen (Brunel University London) introduces the event and outlines the main questions informing the evening:

  • How do temporal considerations (investment cycles, deadlines, changing global and local politics) affect the planning and construction of buildings and cities?
  • What kinds of times are fostered or eliminated in the landscape of urban regeneration projects?
  • How do different temporal narratives, practices and ideologies converge or conflict to produce a particular sense of place?
  • What is the relationship between neo-liberal time and urban planning?
  • Which lessons can be learned from the regeneration processes in Barcelona and London?


Mari Paz Balibrea (Cultures and Languages, Birkbeck): Militant time, leisure time, working time: Reflections on life in the creative city”


Carme Gual Via (Foment Ciutat, Barcelona City Council): As time goes by…or how cities reinvent the wheel every term of office”


Euan Mills (Future Cities Catapult): “How should temporal considerations affect the design of the built environment?”


Bob Allies (Allies and Morrison Architects): “The urban masterplan: a process not a product”


Mike Raco (The Bartlett School of Planning, UCL): “Living in democratic times: Reflections on the transformation of London’s built environment”