Final Report

This research aims to contribute to debates around the role of time and temporal relations shaping urban redevelopment and urban living. The report brings together insights from a variety of academic disciplines alongside discussions with urban practitioners and community groups. It identifies and examines how different temporal features, such as the temporal constraints and pressures of political and administrative cycles and the different tempos associated with these multiple cycles, affect the planning of cities. The report explores how these temporal dimensions interact with the times inscribed in the built environment by the personal attachments that develop with places through people’s everyday lives and rhythms. These findings stem from my own research projects and reflections gained from my longitudinal study of over 20 years of the regeneration of the neighbourhood of el Raval in Barcelona. Added to these are the insights from the discussions and presentations that were given in two workshops and public events, that took place in London on the 29th of November and in Barcelona on the 12th and 13th of December 2016, as part of a British Academy Mid-Career Fellowship.