Time and Urban Change at AAG2016, San Francisco

Rob Shields and myself chaired the session “Time and Urban Change” at this year’s AAG 2016 in San Francisco, see outline below.

The session looked at time, space and the urban from a range of perspectives: the contestations between queer and straight time in Sao Paolo through the lens of ‘travesti’ everyday practices and the city’s ‘citizenship programme’; the temporal relationships between building’s lifespan’s and capital accumulation; the interplay of nostalgia and progress time regimes in gentrified mill villages; the multiple timescapes overlapping and destabilizing the regeneration of el Raval (Barcelona); a rhythmanalysis framework of ecological crisis; the material, embodied and imaginary topologies of affect in aboriginal residential schools in Canada; L’Aquila’s (Italy) post-earthquake temporalities of physical and social reconstruction; the idea of the chronotope to understand the making of urban agriculture; and an analysis of the multiple and layered temporalities of Edinburgh’s use of festivals in the contemporary experience economy. Needless to say that the papers generated a lively and rich discussion and we are hoping to put together a special issue from this session. So watch this space!

Time and Urban Change 1


  • Christine Woodward (University of Kentucky) Queer Time in the City: reshaping the normative temporalities of urban change in São Paulo, Brazil
  • Joseph Pierce (Florida State University) Capital’s unintended bequests: the effects of declining inter-generational infrastructural subsidies to contemporary urban actors by historic urban capitalists
  • Rachel Cotterman (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) Nostalgia and Progress in the Post-Industrial Mill Village
  • Monica Degen (Brunel University London) The Street: examining timescapes of urban change
  • David W. Janzen (University of Alberta) Collectivising Eco-Time: Towards a Rhythmanalysis of Ecological Crisis


Time and Urban Change 2


  • Rob Shields (University of Alberta) Time-Space and Topological Affect
  • Claudia Faraone (Venice School of Architecture) Biography of a Reconstruction Process. L’Aquila’s Post-Earthquake Temporalities
  • Michael Granzow (University of Alberta) Intersections of time and space in the making of urban agriculture
  • Kirstie Jamieson (Edinburgh Napier University) Festival Timescapes: The Entanglement of Transformative Topographies