John Urry (1946-2016)

…man is nothing; he is, at most, the carcass of time.

go to site (Marx quoted in Urry 2000:105)  

Seroquel no prescription overnight I recently received the sad news that my PhD supervisor John Urry passed away. It would be an understatement to say that John has re-shaped the field of sociology – not only in Britain but globally. His writings have challenged and advanced post-modern and contemporary sociology into new spheres. His work including The End of Capitalism (with Scott Lash), The Tourist Gaze, Economies of Signs and Space (with Scott Lash), Global Complexity, Sociology Beyond Societies constantly pushed the agenda forward and challenged how we viewed capitalism, nature, mobility, time, the senses, cars, tourism, to mention only a few topics he covered. He expected the same from his students and colleagues. His work, ideas and words have shaped several generations of scholars over the 44 years he served at Lancaster.

best online binary options broker But it is not only the intellectual I want to remember, but also the person. In Germany your PhD supervisor is your ‘Doktor-Vater/Mutter’, meaning your PhD father/mother, and this is what John was to many of us: a generous, warm and supporting figure that guided and challenged our intellectual thinking and inquiries. As many of the comments on his website and Twitter attest he was especially generous and encouraging to the upcoming generation of scholars, always happy to share thoughts and ideas with Master and PhD students over a coffee, in an email or at a conference.

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